Art Insititutes getting sued for 11 BILLION dollars photo do you feel if you attend/attended Ai ?

Question by Adrianadesiree: Art Insititutes getting sued for 11 BILLION dollars photo do you feel if you attend/attended Ai ?–3531.shtml

Ai is getting sued 11 billion for its photo program and pretty much mal-practice. If you attended a Ai for photography during 2003-now how do you feel about this.

I attended and I personally don’t like this. This school was a waste of money and yes I did feel conned into coming here, everyone who I talked to teacher wise told me good things about this place and it wasnt up to par. Thankfully I dropped out and will be going to a community college instead

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Answer by HeXt

You’re not alone. Join up. There’s a support group.

I attended in 2006 and got ripped off by them first hand. 🙁

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One thought on “Art Insititutes getting sued for 11 BILLION dollars photo do you feel if you attend/attended Ai ?”

  1. I not only attended Ai, I also worked there. I can tell you from first hand experience that everything alleged in the fraud suit is true. I saw it happen. To clarify your statement, Ai is not being sued for their photo program, they are being sued because they illegally paid recruiters “by the head” – in other words you, and every other student who enrolled, were worth an approx $ 800 bounty to your recruiter (aka “Assistant Director of Admissions”). They are trying to hide behind a smokescreen that they had other factors that were considered when evaluating their employees, but the truth of the matter is, I saw many hard working employees who excelled in every category except their enrollment number, and they were fired. Only the number of “asses in classes” mattered. All you needed was “a pulse and a Pell” to get in.

    The Art Institute used to be considered a good Art school until Goldman Sachs bought it and made it all about a quick money grab for Federal student aid funds. THIS is why they are being sued by the DOJ. Unfortunately, they are NOT being sued because the quality of the education they are delivering at the cost of $ 100K for a BS is crap, they are NOT being sued because they lie when they tell students that they will “place” them into good jobs earning 70K – 80K following graduation, they are NOT being sued for steering students into expensive private loans with capitalized high interest rates that they will NEVER be able to repay in their ENTIRE LIFETIMES!!!!!

    ….and do you know why they are not being sued by thousands of angry students?????

    Because on the back side of their enrollment agreements, in light grey ink and size 4 font, there lies an arbitration clause that, once the student signs the other side of the page (and is not told there is anything written on the flip side), they are legally giving up their right to sue FOR ANY REASON!!!

    How do I feel about this? I think the people responsible should be stripped of their money and made to repay the debts they incurred for so many unsuspecting people. (since tar and feathering is no longer legal)

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