Bachelor’s degree question!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?

Question by Rie: Bachelor’s degree question!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
I’m a student at a community college getting ready to transfer to a university. I’m forced to stay some extra time at the community college, because of two math classes that I have to take.

I would love to start working on my bachelor’s degree while I’m finishing up these math classes at the community college.

Is there any way that I can get a list of classes that I need to take for my bachelor’s degree?

I really want to get started on some of those classes that I need for my bachelor’s!!! Have any of you done this before? HELP!

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Answer by veni vidi vici
It does not work that way…you just need to focus on getting your AA degree for now…so basically take the two math classes…and take 2 more classes if you need to be in school full time (14 credits) for financial aid reasons.

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One thought on “Bachelor’s degree question!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?”

  1. Rie,
    Here is what I would suggest.
    1. Get a college catalog from the college or University you want to attend.
    Today they might be found on the internet. But in my day they printed a college catalog. That is a very important book for you to KEEP.
    2. Do you have an idea about what your major will be?
    3. If the answer to # 2 is Yes – then look that major in the College Catalog and start looking at the list of classes required for that degree.
    4. If the answer to # 2 if No – then look at several different majors that you might be interested in and see what classes are required. I would guess that all of the majors would require so many hours of English. Now Major A might want English 110. Major B might want English 115. And Major C might also want English 110. OK, we are making progress. Now look at the Community College Catalog (Keep this book also) and find an English class that looks close to either English 110 or 115.
    5. Now if you live near the University where you will get your bachelor’s degree and your answer to # 3 is Yes go talk to an adviser in that field. Take the Community College catalog with you and try to get some of their ideas on what to take back at the Community College.
    When you transfer to the University take the Community College catalog with you so that you have a course description of each class you took.
    Please understand that you are not “under” a college catalog until you actually take a class when that catalog was in force.
    My oldest started in summer school with me. That catalog said you had to have any art class to meet the art requirement. He took photography and had a great time. In September the new college catalog said you had to have Art Appreciation. A horrible class. My kid started in the summer under the old catalog and did not have to take Art Appreciation. My youngest was a much better student and had a terrible time passing Art appreciation.
    Another idea: The cost to take classes are usually less when you take them in the Community College. In one university they told us in Freshman orientation that they would flunk out 1/3 of us by Christmas. And then they proceeded to do so. In the Community College the classes may be smaller and easier to get help.
    But what ever you do Keep those catalogs so you have something to back up your argument, “I have had that class.” The same basic class can have three different name in three different colleges. I changed majors 3 time and have classes from 4 different University in two different states and I only lost 6 credits that did not count anywhere.

    You did not ask this question, but along the same line. Check off each class as you take it. My university prepared a Degree Plan of Study for me. They left off a required class. I could NOT graduate without that class. I signed up for the class because it was in the College Catalog. In the middle of my Senior year I was called into my advisor’s office. I was told that somehow the course was left off my Degree Plan but that I could not graduate as it was too late to add the class and it was only taught during the Fall Semester. I laughed at the advisor. He was the teacher of that required class and I sat on the front row and he did not even check the grade book to see if I was in the class.
    He wanted to know how I knew to take the class. I told him that I followed the College Catalog not his precious Degree Plan.

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