Can you post a question to more than 1 category?

Question by OOHAY: Can you post a question to more than 1 category?
for example i might want to get a general question about something to do with photography but dont necessary want it to go to the photography section. i want a general answer, research.

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Answer by blueeyes
You can post a question in a smany categories as you want but you have to post it each time. It takes longer. Just copy and paste.

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One thought on “Can you post a question to more than 1 category?”

  1. Hi

    The rules on that are a bit unclear and arbitrary – but I’ll tell you – I’ve done it – but only once. I was doing some research on “Autism” and I didn’t know where to place it, or in which category it belonged. So I posted it in both “Special Education” and “parenting” categories.

    Yahoo doesn’t mind if you do it occasionally, as long as you truly are seeking knowledge.
    It it’s say.. a question with little knowledge to be gained, or the person is just impatient,
    you cannot keep posting and re-posting it to gain more answers, (and in some cases, attention) and flood the site.

    So yes, in your case, if you’re seeking answers re: Photography, and you don’t do it often, go ahead.

    Edit: Occasionally, I stated. The poster above me would be in violation if you did that, and she hasn’t yet read the Community Guidelines, it seems. Pls. read them, and be responsible.

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