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Learn Digital Photography – Different Ways You Can Learn How to Take Great Digital Photos

Read Digital Photography Books. There are a lot of books dedicated to digital photography. You can buy some of them online and read and learn. Depending on your level you might want to buy a book for beginners of for someone who looks for more advanced techniques. There are also more and more books written specifically for your digital camera. You might want to go for one of those as you will learn digital photography as well as how to master your camera. The problem with these books though is sometime they are more focused on the technicality of the camera rather than photography as an art. If you are new to digital photography, then you might want to buy a book on digital photography that explains lighting, framing, and composition. Then you would buy another one specifically written for your particular camera as you want to master all the features of your camera.

Read various free tutorials online. You can find a lot of free information about photography on the Internet. Just google digital photography and you’ll get thousands of pages talking about this topic. The inconvenience is you need to be connected while you read through these information. It can also take you a lot of time as free information is not always structured in such a way you can learn quickly and easily how to take great photos in every situations. However websites are great when it comes to reviewing digital cameras as they tend to change pretty quickly.

Take Digital Photography Courses. Depending on your schedule and how busy you are you can take photography courses at your local college. Those colleges offer evening classes during holiday breaks.

Sometimes they also organize class on Saturdays. In general those classes run for 8 to 10 weeks. You’ll learn the basics of photography, how to use your digital camera. You may also have shooting sessions outdoor to practice what you’ve learned. Those courses are not very expensive. Usually the teachers are professional photographers and you’ll learn from their experience.

Downloadable guides and videos. Maybe the most convenient way to quickly learn how to take great photos is to get an ebook that comes with videos to show you how you can take awesome photos with your camera. They are great resources that will help you shorten the learning curve and get the results you want faster. Videos have proven to be the most efficient way to learn from.

For a complete and more detailed review on best downloadable guides available on the Internet, I recommend you check out Best Digital Photography Guides at Aside from that you’ll also get plenty of tips on how to take great photos with your digital camera and how to turn your photos into cash.

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Beginning photographer, I have a Nikon D70, what do I need? lenses? lights? etc?

Question by atlantaattorney: Beginning photographer, I have a Nikon D70, what do I need? lenses? lights? etc?
I have a Nikon D70, looking to get a lot more into photography. Want to learn more, become semi professional. What lenses do you reccomend?

What equipment for photoshoots? lights, backgrounds etc. Whats needed and whats nice to have.

Any good online courses or info?

Best software?

And most importantly, where do you buy it at a good price?

As for the type of photography, I am looking at fashion, in studio and ourdoors.

I plan to take classes, but wanted to get started on an amatuer basis. So any reccomendations on equipment, and any good tutorials online are welcomed.

Best answer:

Answer by proshooter
Depends on the type of photography you intend doing.

The beauty of the SLR format is that it can be easily adapted to suit a range of photo genres.

Try and concentrate on one or two types and practice. see what other photographers are using for that type of work.

Adobe Photshop is the best software while the Gimp is free and similar in operation and capabilities.

B&H in New York are worth a look for equipment.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Adorama Photography TV presents: Pre-set modes like “Sports” and “Night Portrait” make it easy for us to just point and shoot. If you’re new to photography, two of the most important things to learn are aperture and shutter speed settings as these will give you a lot of creative control. If you’re not sure what settings to use Mark has an easy to follow spreadsheet to help you determine the right settings. Go here to download the spreadsheet and for related videos: Visit for more photography videos! Send your questions to:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Sell Photography Online

Most of us are facing hard times. People are looking for original ways to make extra money online. In this economy the opportunities are few and far between. Among many ways available out there , one way stands out and this method I’m referring to is to sell photography online.

The bottom line for any individual or business to make money is to keep costs (expenses) down and to make revenue (money coming in). That?s what makes this method of making money such a great idea. The items needed to get this type of business going are pretty simple and relatively low cost compared the money that is out there to be made.

First you will obviously need a camera. There is a wide range of digital cameras available. They are broken into 3 main categories: 1) Compact or ?Point and Shoot? 2) a mid-category that has some of the looks and additional features of the high-end Digital SLRs and offer higher resolution and image quality then the Compact Digitals and 3) the Digital SLRs (DSLR) are the top of the line just like the film SLR was the top of the line film camera. SLR refers to Single Lens Reflex, or a camera that has one single lens to both view a scene and capture an image. What this means, to the casual photographer, is the picture you take will be the same as the image you view through the lens. It also means you can change the lens to take telephoto or wide angle photos. The most appealing aspect of an SLR camera is the ability to adjust the camera”s settings manually, so that a seasoned photographer generally knows what the finished picture will look like before it is ever viewed.

You will also need software to enhance and edit your photos.

With Digital Photo Enhancement Software you can adjust many aspects of each photo. From things as simple as brightness and contrast to somewhat more fun with changing the color image to Sepia tones or to a possibly more dramatic effect by making it a Black and White photo. Most Photo Enhancement Software is very simple to use. As you can see when you will sell photography online all these tips will come very handy.

Another great aspect of editing your photos is the ability to crop and enlarge your photos. Cropping is like digital scissors to cut out just the part of the photo you like. It is even possible to crop one photo in many. How often have you taken a group shot and not everyone was ready or had their eyes open. If you happen to catch a couple good faces you can turn each of those into portraits! It is that easy to make a bad picture into a great picture.

So with that in mind to allow for upside on your skill level and ability to appeal to a broader audience (potential customers), you should opt for a Digital SLR. The cost of these can range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. The high end DSLRs are mainly for top level professional photographers. They have features that are just not necessary for the photo enthusiast and professional just starting out. You will sell photography online and make it a business revenu instead of just a hobby.

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Learn Digital Photography – The Subject is Key to Your Photography

So why is this such an important element of an image? Hello! It is the reason you are taking the shot. Often amateur photographers want to get as much of a scene in the photo as possible. They want to remember everything at once despite the fact that the resulting image is cluttered, confusing and downright average. Many of our photograph albums are cluttered with images that aren’t memorable and the subjects are indistinguishable from all the other elements. What then is the solution to this problem? What can be done to solve the dilemma? The news is good and the solution very simple. Here goes, some tips to make your subject the star of the photo.

1. Be selective

Take a careful look at the scene and decide immediately what is most important to you. Try this little exercise. Picture yourself in 20 years time flipping through an album of precious memories. Perhaps the person you are remembering has passed away. What would you like to change about the image to make it more memorable? If you could go back in time, what would you have excluded from the photo? You are getting the opportunity to decide now what will be the memory later. That leads to the next point.

2. Exclude Clutter

Clutter is a part of everyday lives but we don’t want to remember it in our photos. All of us have this problem after we have taken a photo. We leave too much in the photo that is not necessary. Getting back to the previous point. In that precious photo what do you consider unimportant and not necessary in the image? These are items you want to exclude and take the opportunity to include more of what you really want into the image.

Again this leads us on to the next point.

3. Give your subject most of the attention

In order to do this you must make the subject the centre of attention. Pretend it’s a Hollywood star and make it the star attraction.  All of sudden the subject becomes more prominent and anyone can tell who or what the subject of the photo is. It should hit you front and centre and say without confusion, “I am the subject”. If the subject doesn’t shout “I’m the subject” then it’s not the subject.

4. Get in closer

By doing this you automatically do point 2. Exclude all the clutter and unnecessary elements of an image. Things that you really don’t want to remember in ten or twenty years time. This should be logical. All of us dream of better cameras or lenses that will get us closer to the subject. So, use your feet. Walk in closer and fill the image with your subject or just a part of the subject, unless of course it’s a lion in a safari park. Most times you can use your feet to get in closer and this will immediately improve the image and make your subject more prominent.

5. Change your perspective

In simple terms this means move around and find a different location from where you can shoot, or, a more interesting angle. Changing your angle from right in front of your subject to a lower or higher viewpoint will give a completely different perspective. Lie on your stomach or back, climb a ladder or go down some stairs giving you a vantage point for great images.

Key to great subject placement is thinking outside the box. And key to this is plain old thinking. Give more thought and time to your image before clicking the shutter button. The old saying that goes, “time is money” can be equated to “time is quality”. The more time and effort you put into your photography will result in better quality images. There are a number of other ways you can improve your image but by putting into practice these simple principles will give you immediate photographic success.

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