Completely Lost, Please help serious answers only?

Question by Bridget: Completely Lost, Please help serious answers only?
Here it is, very long, if you don’t have the time to give a serious answer please skip to the next question.

I am currently at community college, live with my family, don’t have to pay for anything.
I’m not saying my life is horrible or anything like that, I just don’t know what I want to do with my life.

Right now, i’m working for an associates in arts to later transfer out to a university for a bachelors degree. I chose a career path, nursing, but I know it’s not one for me. I think I just chose it so my family would get off my back, or to make them some what proud that their daughter is going to school and wants to have a great career.

I’ve become uninterested in school, beginning to skip classes ect. I don’t know what I want to do. I want to be happy with what I do but I can’t find anything that fits me.

In high school, I loved art photography to be specific. I wanted to do that as a full time career but dad sat down and talked with me basically telling me that I needed to have a career where I can live comfortably.

My lifestyle now-
I don’t have many friends
I have an interview for a job in the mall soon– first job ever in my life
I take 6 classes at the community college- basic english spanish sociology psychology gym and religion
So, “go to class”, go home, go spend time with boyfriend (we do different things everyday), go home to sleep and come the next day same thing.

I’m bored with everything, but the boyfriend of course– who is in the military has his life together but I look at him and people around me who’ve already started their life and bam what am I doing practically nothing. I have a hard time making friends at the community college due to the fact they are either strippers, parents, or druggies which I don’t want to make friends with people like that I want to find people who have the same goals and ambitions as I do.. but no luck.

I’m most likely going to fail out of school. which is a waste of my parents money.
I’m no longer motivated, I don’t know what I want to do with my life, I feel like i’m a dissapointment to my family i’m tired of wasting their money and their time. I’ve tried talking to them about it before, but they’re all gun hoe on me continuing what i’m doing now, but if thats not what I want to do, how do I tell them without disappointing them?

I know it’s not supposed to be easy, and everything has ups and downs to it but I want to love what I do and feel like I have a purpose for going and doing what I do.

I’m lost. I just wish I could skip over this part and move on to having a job, life, ect

I don’t even know what to expect out of your answers, I guess just read and give me your opinion of what I should do for the next couple of steps.

Best answer:

Answer by CLUTCH
fuck school….you need to sit back and relax…i would just quit, or finish up the semster. and take off a year or 2. school is alot to handle esp with the economy. there is no point into rushing into school…for what? 2 yeras flys by and you are so young….there is no point to push urself. im 23 i didnt end up going to school..and i have no debt…i worked about 4 months this year, car salesman at hyundai in florida. i was off completly free for a whole year before the 4 motnhs, the year before that i worked for a whole year window washing i made 16k that year. i have no debt but i have freedom to take my life the diesction that is sensible and WORKS FOR ME. BTW doing something to impress ur family never works…iv been like this for jobs and realized i need to do what is the best for me…if i have to wait before i do something. i will….you Know whats Best for you Right Now. and pushing and forceing ur self to do school isnt the right choice.,…there are jobs out there you could do ….you arent going to be homeless if take a year off of college…if you go to college you will def become homeless or worse off cause now you have to work everyday to pay back all that debt…college doesnt pay anymore…and its fucking stupid…the economy is poor. look at occupt student debt .com…dont do something just cause other ppl are doing it. and dont get into debt. it will take years and years or working 3 jobs a week to pay off ur debt and intreast.

when you rush in life you make bad mistakes…college is a big finical burden on tons of ppl. you need to work first so you can see how hard it is too work everyday to pay ur bills, also you need to grow a little wiser and smarter before you get ur self in to collge.

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One thought on “Completely Lost, Please help serious answers only?”

  1. Life is not easy, and what you’re going through will happen many times still, in different areas of life.

    Regarding what you want in life – start with simple questions, like e.g. do I want to have my own income one day or do I want to be dependant of people for money for the rest of my life? You can also consider questions like – at what age would I like to start a family, do I want a family, do I want to have kids?

    Then, go sit and consider how well-off you are, compared to the druggies and strippers and parents who go to the same school as you – they are proof that things happen in life which can make you neglect your education, or that education is important to be able to support yourself and those dependant on you.

    Personally I think you are bored with your life, and do not realise how lucky you are to still have people taking care of all your needs. Find a volunteer job in a hospital (in the nursing field) and go see what the job entails, or get involved with less-fortunate people, just so you can get perspective on your own life.

    Get off your ass and make things happen, life is not going to come to you, you have go grab it and make the best of it.

    (you might even meet other qualified people at your volunteer job who will expose you to different views on life and help you get direction in your life)

    If you continue on this road, all I see is you getting pregnant, as that’s the only part of your life you’re not unhappy with at this stage. And you should ask yourself whether you are in a position to care for a baby/family at this moment of your life,

    Lots of luck

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