Do you think i should model?

Question by petal_blossom_babe: Do you think i should model?
I want to be a fashion journalist when i’m older (:
i’m 16 and thinking about modelling…
i’ve been told by a former model in my school that i have a rare lookk..
but what do you think?

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Answer by It’s Hena
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5 thoughts on “Do you think i should model?”

  1. don’t be offended.

    your look isn’t rare, just your style. it seems loud and proud and a little quirky.
    you don’t really look tall enough and none of your features seem very pronounced or special. you look pretty avg, but still pretty. models need to be exotic, something no one has ever seen before.

    also it depends on how tall you are. shorter than 5’9″ and you pretty much don’t have a chance, unless youre kate moss..but you dont look like her.

    i think fashion journalist would be perf for you because you have a unique style that i know many people dont have. you look like you like taking risks which is def important.


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