HELP anybody! suggestions for Essay!?

Question by MaliciousMarianne: HELP anybody! suggestions for Essay!?
Ok so I have to write a 3page double spaced essay for my photo-journalism class by tomorrow morning! D:
and the topic is “Why should a highschool student learn about the history of Photo-Journalism/Journalism in their class”

can anybody give me ideas on what to write?
Cuz I have NO idea how to elaborate on that topic! D: thanks in advance(:

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Answer by Roxana
golpe de Estado

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One thought on “HELP anybody! suggestions for Essay!?”

  1. People should learn about the history of Photojournalism/ journalism in their class for future jobs such as photographer or artist. A photographer or artist should know this stuff because if they question the greatness of photography then they would know the answer. also they would know all the secrets to great photography. You would also need to know how to work the camera and you would need to know the types of photography and the places you can take pictures to make great art!

    hope i helped. i just put it down as i went. GOOD LUCK!!

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