How can i get into modeling?

Question by SnF(:: How can i get into modeling?
I am 13 years old 5’6″ and 115 pounds,( it sounds like allot but i get compliments on my body all the time not trying to brag or anything but…) I really would like to go to school one day to be a model or have a modeling career. I was wondering if there is anyway i could get any “head starts” or how i get started on modeling.thanks.

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Answer by j
You can’t. You’re not tall enough and all Modeling schools are scams, you either can model or you can’t. Sorry.

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4 thoughts on “How can i get into modeling?”

  1. Keeping in shape is definitely a good start! I know some models that think that once they hit the nail on the job, they can disrespect their bodies. I know this seems simple, but people stop caring about something if they got what they want.
    Eat a balanced diet. Vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products (for strong bones), etc.
    Exercise is a big thing as well. At least 60 minutes of exercise per day is important!
    Look on some websites; they hire a lot of models. Maybe a local agent is in town- ask your parents
    about it.
    Being a model requires hard work.
    I’d want to be an Asian model too 😉

    Hope this has helped!
    GoOd luck in your future!
    xx <3

  2. Well, there are tons of modeling camps, schools and stuff like that. I went to one for a bit but decided i didn’t like it. Make sure you get into a good one because there are A LOT of scams, trust me. Serious modeling will take money, too, so make sure you have it. And as for getting into one, just search the internet. Get some applications and stuff to fill out and if you are good then you should get accepted. Make sure you get one that doesn’t accept everyone who has money though…or else you probably won’t go far. You need one that requires an ‘audition’ and head shots.

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