How do I become a Teenage Male Model?

Question by Italian God: How do I become a Teenage Male Model?
I’m 15 and have decided i want to become a model. where do i start? and how do i tell my parents without them thinking im gay?

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Answer by il est sympa
How is modeling Gay?
Well that’s besides the point, you should find a photographer to build your portfolio or take pictures your self and put them on

Since you are a male, you have to be 5’11 to 6’5.

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3 thoughts on “How do I become a Teenage Male Model?”

  1. There’s nothing gay about modelling. OK, maybe a little stereotyping. Just tell your parents, and say it’s a dream of yours. If they say something life ‘pfft, are you coming out of the closet?’ say no, you just want to follow your dream and you want their support behind you, but if they don’t support you, you will still go after it. Remember that being a model is a fairly unstable job and a lot of models have to sleep their way to the top (not saying you’ll have to, just saying some do). Look around for an agent – send some good pictures (two face shots, one B&W, one colour, two shoulder shots, the same, and two full body shots, the same – doing B&W may give you an edge because some companies love the black and white effect) in to companies – some give away their details in the stores.
    Make yourself a decent portfolio so you look professional if you get a second glance, join a website such as (just google modelling agency) and good luck! Remember not to give up, the best models face rejection sometimes!

  2. Okay first of all just because ur a boy who wants to model does not mean ur parents will think ur gay. okay so if u want to start modeling u should try like a mall or like a modeling agency their everywhere u maybe able to find something if u search the web for local modeling jobs. good luck and hope this helped a little! 🙂

  3. There is nothing gay about being a male model. Yes, there are quite a few gay models, but there are also gay Engineers, gay truck drivers, gay teachers, etc. 😉 There is nothing gay about taking care of yourself, cutting your hair, or wearing nice clothes. So what if you are a good looking guy….that does not automatically make someone gay! 😉

    I think your parents would be most worried about your safety in the modeling industry. If you can learn about the industry & how to get into it, they may be a lot more open to it than you think! I have a few sites that I refer to all the time about modeling that you can show them so you know it is legit.

    Best “education” on how to get into modeling & the modeling world: or Both sites explain how the modeling world REALLY works and how to get into modeling. Educate yourself so you don’t get scammed. Also, check out

    FYI – you don’t need a portfolio in order to send photos to an agency. Any agency who wants you will know exactly what kinds of photos they want in order to promote you. Do NOT listen to anyone who says you need a portfolio in order to get started! I had nothing when my agency accepted me. When they signed me, they told me what types of photos they needed (“Commercial/lifestyle”), gave me a list of photographers in the area who did that type of photography, and I had to get photos taken for my comp card (model’s business card which has photos on it). I didn’t have to use any of the photographers on the list, I was free to go to any photographer I wanted as long as they knew how to do commercial photography. If an “agency” sends you to use their in-house photographer & don’t give you the option to shop around for a different photographer, then it is a scam.

    To find agencies in your state: google your state where you live + “modeling agency.” See what comes up & read thru the sites. It won’t be a short read, but it is well worth taking the time to read thru the sites I mentioned above, as well as any agency sites you find, so you don’t get scammed. And if you really want to be a model, you will have to eventually learn about it all anyway. Modeling is not easy work, and the people who put the time into it will find more success than those who don’t. Good luck!

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