i really want to get into photograpghy.?

Question by haha: i really want to get into photograpghy.?
i really want to get into photograpghy.
i dont know what things to learn, or what to get.
if you could please just give me a website that tells all about photography, i would really appreciate it.

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Answer by fhotoace
Take some classes in photography and the instructor will teach you what you need to learn and your fellow students will be of great support as you learn all the basic technical issues you will have to master to be a competent photographer. What you find on the Internet will be excellent ancillary information, but NOT the bedrock of your photographic career.

Here is a good reference site to get some basic idea of what it may mean to become a photographer


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http://photography-business-tips.com/2011/06/14/four-photography-tricks-and-tips-for-beginners/ That link takes you to a free article explaining FOUR tips on…
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2 thoughts on “i really want to get into photograpghy.?”

  1. i just started! 🙂

    – look at dslr cameras. from the research i did, the best for beginners are the nikon d60 or d40 or the canon rebel xs (the one i got).

    – read books! don’t get too impatient, too, it might take a while. i get frustrated sometimes haha.

    – read the manual of your cameraaa! you need to know how it works. chances are you’ll have to read books and manuals more than once, or at least go check some stuff out. tip; dog ear the pages you think are important. 🙂

    – take a course. it’s the best way to know you’re on the right path. i’m taking one this summer with a friend.

    – once you’re in there, you’re gonna find out about more stuff.

  2. Thousands and thousands of books have been written over the years on photography, technical, artistic, history etc.

    There is no single website and it is not a good idea to try and learn “all about photography” from the web.

    Get to some classes to learn the basics, evening classes will do.
    Get a camera and go out and take pictures.
    look at the work of current and past photographers.

    There is no easy way to learn about it and you certainly cannot do so by sitting in front of a computer.

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