* I’m a “Amateur”…, “Photographer”…….,?

Question by Only1[Keen`o]…!: * I’m a “Amateur”…, “Photographer”…….,?
* …, I’ve “Recently” become “Interested” in “Photography”……., and my “Children” have influenced the “Passion” that’s created in me for my “Displays”!

* I don’t use any fancy “Cameras” or “Anything” of “That” sort……., I “Only” use an “iPhone”…, “Seriously”!

* …, my “Photographs” are “Examples”……., that it’s “Not” what you “Use”…, but what uses “You” (…, “GOD”) …, that makes “Whatever” you do “Blessed”!

* …, “Further” more……., if there are “Anyone” here that could give me “Advice” on how to “Market” my work…, or at lease be “Referred” to “Professionals”…, I would “Sincerely” appreciate your “Time”!

* (Note)…, to “View” and offer “Your” comments on my “Photos”……., feel “Comfortable” with following the link “Ahead”! (…, “https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=1117370467&_rdr”)!

* Thank you. ( ;

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Answer by Crim Liar
What exactly are you asking? I could guess, but don’t feel like going off on one if I’m going to barking up the wrong tree…

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6 thoughts on “* I’m a “Amateur”…, “Photographer”…….,?”

  1. It’s “funny”, I just clic “https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/” and and saw my pictures that I posted earlier in facebook.

    I suggest you first publish your photos on http://www.flickr.com/ so everyone can see what you offer, and at least we can give an opinion.

  2. Either people tend to make run-on sentences with no punctuation at all, or they put random and senseless punctuation everywhere. Either way makes for a difficult to read question, aside from the opinion one may form about the author’s intelligence.

    Your link is bad.

    It is useless to try to market work from a phonecam, whether God is blessing you or not. No matter how talented you might be in the art of composition, the ability of the small sensor and plastic lens to make quality prints is simply not there. If you are not learning how to form your own exposure by using a real camera, then you are not as advanced as you think. Also it takes some time to master the basics of the craft.

    There is no shame in being a beginner. If you enjoy the thought of photography, I would suggest you get a camera with user adjustable settings, shutter speed, aperture and ISO and begin learning the basics in earnest.

  3. If you can ask your question with all the nonsense like “*”, “…..” AND actually explain what you want, we might be able to help. Right now your “question” is nothing but gibberish.

  4. Your question makes no sense. Your idiotic use of quotes is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Your photos are terrible.

    This is either a bad joke, or you are a total moron.

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