Is Barbizon Modeling expensive? And what do you do there?

Question by Aly: Is Barbizon Modeling expensive? And what do you do there?
I’m interested in taking modeling classes ar Barbizon. But my parents don’t have much money, and can’t afford expensive classes. Also what do you do there? Does someone just lectcure you or do you actually model??? Please help! 10 points for best answer 🙂

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Answer by Dress to impress <3 Fashion
Omg you are a life saver i JUST got off the phone with barbizon and they just booked me a interview but if they ask for a shit load of money they can kiss my ass because aint no training in the world gonna make me pay alot of money.:;

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4 thoughts on “Is Barbizon Modeling expensive? And what do you do there?”

  1. Hey,
    I graduated from Barbizon in maybe 2003 or 2004.
    All it is, is a class every other saturday from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.&
    they do lecture you & just take you through the ends& outs of modeling.
    I paid $ 2500 to get in & that doesn’t even include the photoshoot in which the
    pics will cost around $ 300 something dollars. To be honest I didn’t learn anything from there,
    we had like 2 fashion shows & I didn’t like the way they were set up, I learned more about the modeling world on my own, & after I graduated they didn’t even help me get into anything, I did everything on my own about 2 years after the fact that I had been graduated. But if thats what you wanna go through go for it, but they just taught me self etiquette & gave me make-up & face wash that’s good for my skin. Good Luck with whatever you do! If you have anymore questions feel free to e-mail me,

  2. You should never pay for someone to teach you to be a model. NEVER pay for classes- especially if your parents don’t have much money. The very best and the only way to go is to start making friends with photographers and have them take you picture TFCD (“trade for cd” so you don’t have to spend money on photos. Once you have a few decent professional photos make a account and network there. Eventually get into a good modeling/acting agency that will help your career if you are thinking of becoming that serious. Always bring a man to every photo shoot with you to make sure you are safe because we all know people can be sleazy. The best way in a nutshell is to network, say yes to as many opportunities as possible (assuming you don’t have to pay and its not sleazy and shady), have a great attitude, be on time and professional and take bodyguards (could be your older brother or bf- just someone to make sure you’re safe). treat your body well, exercise, eat well, have good style, do nice makeup and hair and be friendly and positive.

    Good luck!!

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