Is Canon – PowerShot SX130 a good starter camera?Also how do you use a camera *10 points*?

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Question by samira: Is Canon – PowerShot SX130 a good starter camera?Also how do you use a camera *10 points*?
ok this will be my first camera ever. I took photography class in high school but I forgot everything i learned from class -_-” anyways I’ll be traveling for awhile and I was thinking about buying the canon powershot sx130 as my first camera since I heard so many good things about this camera. Is this a good choice as my first camera? Also how do you transfer photos into your computer from a camera?Do you use a usb cord and transfer it that way? Do you have to download anything or buy any software to put photos into your computer? I’m not tech-smart so I’m clueless about these stuff.

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Answer by T. Le
Yes, it’s a great choice. Even for a first-time user like you it should be easy to navigate, especially if you read the user manual that comes with it. The manual explains nearly everything you need to know about your camera.

To transfer photos to your computer, the USB cord is one option, but if you have a card reader, I would definitely recommend that over the cord. The reason why is because with card readers, you don’t have to fumble with installing any software, so it’s just simpler. If you don’t have one then you can buy one for <$ 15. However, if you prefer using the USB cord, then yes, you'll need to install software. Canon includes it in a CD which comes with the camera so you do not have to worry about buying it. Overall it's a good camera. Just remember to read the manual and use the wrist strap at all times to avoid dropping it! P.S. If you're interested in using the manual controls on the camera, reading up on exposure is a must. Here's a good site that will explain it:

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One thought on “Is Canon – PowerShot SX130 a good starter camera?Also how do you use a camera *10 points*?”

  1. Like T.Le said if you plan on using manual mode you definitely want to read up about what the different settings do by the way
    TV= time variable how fast the camera takes the image
    AV= aperture variable the smaller the number the bigger the whole that lets in light so the smaller the number the lighter the pic will be in low light you want the aperture as low as it will go (the aperture will show up as f/ for f stop) you may not even have these settings but if you do play around with them at different settings. Also i would recommend Canon, they are my camera manufacture of choice.

    also you will want to use a card reader because they are much faster
    I use a Rebel EOS t1i DSLR

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