modeling question and how to get started?

Question by Michael W: modeling question and how to get started?
okay so ive been wanting to model for a while now and i dont know where/how tostart. ive contacted an agency in Houston after i filled out an application and they said since i dont have any experience, i would need to take a training class that costs over $ 1000 and from there i’d need to build a portfolio. is there anyway around this? can i just build the portfolio with some professional photography and lie about experience in modeling? i have the height and i resemble a lot like drake the rapper..i hope i can getan agency to sign me in. if anyone can please help me reply on here or on thank you so much for your time!

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Answer by rick
Do not give anyone money. That is not a real mondeling agency. Real agencies will make money when you make money and no real agency is going to ask you spend money on “classes”. Look for agencies that are franchised by the Screen Actors Guild, those are real agencies. A real agency wil ask you to send in a close up shot and a full length shot and if they are interested, they will ask you to go in for an interview. I’ll repeat, anyone that asks for money or pushes for you to spend a bunch of money with a particular photographer is a scam. Real agencies will give you a list of photographers to pick from that will shoot you.

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