“Not enough AP classes”?

Question by 🙂: “Not enough AP classes”?
Hello. I recently spoke to a guidance counselor (for applications for college) and he told me I did not have enough AP classes for my senior year compared to my junior year. He said that colleges want to see me gradually challenge myself over the years, which I agree on, but I’m not convinced that I need to take one more additional AP class.

Here is my schedule for my junior year (Currently in)
-AP U.S. History
-Regular Photo
-AP Lang. Arts
-Regular Trigonometry
-Spanish 3 Honors
-AP Biology

Here is my Senior year schedule that I enrolled in
-AP Calculus
-AP Gov/Econ
-AP Photography
-Spanish 4

He said he wanted me to change at least ONE of those classes to AP Lit, AP Physics, or AP Spanish in order for my transcripts to look impressive and to show colleges that I am challenging myself as the years progresses… What do you think? I personally don’t want to take AP Lit/Physics/Spanish because taking 3 AP’s as a junior was a challenge for me even if I passed with B’s — I couldn’t handle the stress well… but I don’t want to downgrade my transcript..

Thank you.

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Answer by Blue
Let me tell you, I go to the #1 high school out of about 30 high schools in my city and I’m in the top 10% of my school and even I didn’t take that many AP courses. I took 1 sophomore year, 2 junior year, and 2 this year and I still got into a top 10 public university. You are already taking a ton so far and you definitely don’t need more than that unless you’d like to take more. It’s better to take 3 AP’s and do well than take 4 and struggle in them all. Trust me when I say you will be okay, you already are taking a ton of AP classes, in fact you should be taking less senior year to relax haha.

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2 thoughts on ““Not enough AP classes”?”

  1. An AP class covers the same material that would be covered in a 1-semester college class. Since an AP class usually lasts a year, that means it’s going at half the pace of a real college class. In college, you’ll be taking at least 4 classes per semester, probably 5. So if you can’t handle 3 classes going at half the speed…

  2. I think that extra AP is unnecessary personally as long as your grades are good bc your schedule is also challenging now. Maybe not for Harvard but for any good state school your safe

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