Q&A: Do you think I picked too hard of a class schedule for next year?

Question by T!ka 🙂: Do you think I picked too hard of a class schedule for next year?
It will be my junior year and this year my schedule is really easy like tons of computer classes, art, photography, landscaping ect..and im getting like Cs and Bs in them but im not really trying.

But ive found I really like the challenging classes like my english class and computer accounting and math and stuff, and I really wanna challenge myself.

So this is my next years schedule-
U.S. History
World Literature
Modern Novels
Human Anatomy
Alternate Energy Science
Advanced Algebra
Medical Terminology (counts as 3 college credits, its a college course)
Intro to Business (counts as 3 college credits, its a college course)

So it’s lots of English, science and math.

Do you think Im challenging myself too much and that I should get some easier classes so that it isn’t too much all at once?

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Answer by x3bbashya
Its better to get an A in a less challenging class than a C in a harder class.
Although, it is better to get a B in a harder class than an A in a less challenging class.

Having atleast one “easy” class will give you some room to breathe, its often a good idea.
I’m a junior and my schedule is:

AP Psychology
Choir (Easy class)
AP Language and Composition
AP US History

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Do you think I picked too hard of a class schedule for next year?”

  1. shit here in australia we can only choose a max of five subjects to study.omg you have like 10 how a hell do you have enough time at skool to stucy ten subjects wow. umm i think u have a mixture of difficult subjects and ones that are a bit easier you sound smart by the subjects you choose unless ur really dumb and choose really hard subjects for the fun of it which i doubt lol i think u should give it a try if you find it to hard you can always drop out of one subject right?

    well here in aus we are allowed to change all our subjects in the first 3 weeks if we dont lke them

  2. I think they are good courses if you have the will to work hard. You need to make sure that you won’t lose hope of getting good marks to enter college. For example me, I studied grade 12 in canada for the first time and took chemistry course to get into engineering. It was too much pressure on me although i was taking only 4 courses and i completely lost hope of entering engineering. But now I’m in engineering and doing great with mid 90s in chem.

    So good luck with your courses. They may be a good training for the pressure you might encounter in college but it is too early for you to take high school this serious this early.

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