Q&A: Do you think that I will be good at Digital photography?

Question by Book_lover: Do you think that I will be good at Digital photography?
Each time I go to the library I always get books on digital Photography. I bought myself a Kodak easy share C433 from Walmart back a 2 years ago. Do you think that I will be good at Digital Photography?

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Answer by destipie3
are you kidding me?
nobody will know how good you are unless you show us photos you’ve taken.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: Do you think that I will be good at Digital photography?”

  1. The only way to find out is to experiment with your camera. You cant really tell someone they will be good at it unless you see some shots they’ve taken.
    And if you want to be a serious photographer or even just an enthusiast it does pay to have a good camera and you may want to consider doing a course in Basic Photography.
    You never know you may have a really good eye for it and photography could very well be your thing if thats the case.
    But id just experiment first maybe read up on the “how to” of Digital Photography and sort of make your mind up from there.
    You could do up an account on DA (deviantart.com) you could use fellow artists there as your critics or sign up to other photography communities online. It would be the best way to gauge how good your photographs are.

  2. If you really want to advance to the next level and are serious about improving your pictures, then you need to stop separating “digital photography” from “photography.” You need to learn as much as you can about basic photography. Stop reading books about Photoshop and start reading books about basic photography to improve your understanding of exposure and composition. Also, you really need a camera with completely manual settings. Your camera is just a basic point and shoot camera. That’s fine for snapshots, but for real photography you need a camera that lets you change the aperture and shutter speeds yourself. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use real photographic techniques and you’re pretty much just stuck. You have very little control with a digital point and shoot camera. Everything is on auto and you can’t change the shutter speed or f-stop manually.

    I would normally tell people that they need a completely manual film camera to learn about photograpy…but if you’re dead set on digital, that means you need a digital SLR camera.

    In the mean time, read more about basic photography and understand elements like the aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, composition, etc. And you need to understand how to use the right lighting, and how to adapt to different lighting conditions. Also, read about what’s called the “Sunny 16 Rule.” It’s a guidline for how to use manual exposure outside. Once you have a better understanding of the basic elements and techniques of photography, then your pictures will improve.

  3. depends if you learn that lighting is the key to great images not photoshop,

    depends if you learn photography is photography – its all about lighting not the tool you use to record the light

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