Q&A: How can I take pictures of the effects of internet on education?

Question by Unwritten: How can I take pictures of the effects of internet on education?
The assignment in our photography class is to take photos of a growing problem in America. I chose the information age/internet usage. I’m specifically taking pictures of the effects of internet on education. Basically: is the internet making our attention spans shorter? Is the internet REALLY helpful or is it just hindering us from doing thorough research at a library or other areas?
I’m not sure what to take pictures of…any ideas?

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Answer by Mark G
Find a question on Yahoo Answers asking “How can I access facebook from school” and take a picture of that.

The fact is people are looking for something to blame our poor education system on other than those who are responsible for it, and the internet is one of the many scape goats. The internet is a tool when used properly and if it wasn’t for all the junk on it research would be 10x more powerful and 100x faster than any library in the nation. The problem with the internet and its affects on education is the fact that it also provides more distractions at the finger tips, literately, of the students, and its extreamly hard to take a picture of that. The only thing you might do is go to a School or Public Library with a large number of grouped computers and find a shot of people doing nothing but surfing the internet and playing games on them.

Bluespeedbird 2 + 2 does equal 5 with very large values of 2, but that’s not the fault of the internet, that is the fault of inaccurate use of rounding.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: How can I take pictures of the effects of internet on education?”

  1. I didn’t realize internet made our atten…SQUIRREL! I’m sorry what were you saying? Oh look! A kitty! *ahem*

    Since I damn near live on the internet (but still know how to research and have a decent attention span so long as I’m caffeinated) one suggestion I can give you is to photograph someone sitting at their computer looking at everything but their homework. Use your imagination and creativity. What do you think you look like when you’re busy messing around on Yahoo!Facebook, Tumblr, or any other site? Think of something along those lines and run with it.

    Good luck!

  2. Take photos of your monitor screen showing various questions asked on here, especially the poor grammar and spelling (along with a lack of common sense).

    You will find several questions asked word for word from a test asking for the answers, the “am i r good photography?”, and the infamous “I dropped my cmera. now it dun work. wht wrng wif it?” (<--Duh, you dropped it) asked on a daily basis (try some of the other categories for a good laugh as well). The internet is a great place for finding useful information, but some people ("kids") just want a quick and easy answer instead of actually learning how/what/where/when/why. So, yes it is destroying their brain.

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