Q&A: Question on photography.?

Question by May: Question on photography.?
Photography has become a hobby of mine but I still have so much to learn. I just have some few questions that I would like to ask. What are filters used for in photography and does anyone know any GOOD website that gives good photography tips and GOOD reviews for cameras?

Also, do you HAVE to take photography lessons to know how to use your DSLR camera or can you read books on it and play around with the camera and learn how to use it on your own? Thank you very much.

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Answer by midnite.scribe
dpreview.com is one of the most extensive review sites, and they have discussion forums on all aspects of photography. For lighting etc., try www.strobist.com.
Flickr is also a good place to garner experience and look at how others do things.

As for filters, if you are using digital, many advise against them. You find discussion on the pros and cons of filters on the sites I have just mentioned.

As for training, some people are natural autodidacts, others need something more structured in training. You can certainly find enough online to discover how to do almost anything if you are keen enough.

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Co-Leaders Patrick Mulcahy and Randy Deutsch featured on morning news program with 5th grade students learning photography in a volunteer artist-in-residence…

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Question on photography.?”

  1. What I did is I learned all the words the photographers around me did, like “exposure”, “aperature” and so on, then I went on wikipedia!! 😀
    Looked each word up, made sure they did with photography, and printed it all off, took me about 3 weeks but I learned ALL of it, what it all meant, what it all did, and now I teach others what it means! 🙂

    Good Luck!

  2. Read the manual and try to learn exactly what your camera is capable of. Do not take lessons other than at a University !!

    Most of the crackpots who attempt to teach at nite schools et al are conceited fools who feel that they alone know how to take a picture.

    By all means experiment but do not let this degenerate into playing around. Look through photography magazines to see what others are doing. Photography is seeing. You must see the picture before you can capture it. Remember that many nuisance type errors can be removed through digital processing.

    Wait awhile for filters as initially they are just one more nuisance.

    Most of all figure out just what you are going to specialize in — whether it be action shots, portraiture, wildlife, Every good photographer has a specialty. This need not limit you but try to learn what you like to take and concentrate on that general area.

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