Q&A: what goes in a modeling portfolio?

Question by MEmeME93: what goes in a modeling portfolio?
right so, im interested in the modeling Business, but i don’t really know much about being a model, so i was wondering what would agencies expect in a modeling portfolio?
any other tips and information would also be great help thanks.
ive never done any modeling before.

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Answer by frozenfilms

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: what goes in a modeling portfolio?”

  1. Pictures of yourself modeling. Any ads you were in, even as a kid. They also want any recommendations from people and any past experiences that you’ve had with modeling. The more the better, but keep everything relevant.

  2. ok you will need to spend money first.

    Go to a professional and ask if he would mind doing a photoshoot with you! (this will be expensive cause you want high quality photos)

    Then spend a day taking photos and try poses, different clothes, make-up, backgrounds, etc add in what ever as long as it’s interesting and really shows you off

    then gather those photos into a porfolio (make sure it’s a viewing one)

    Now as for the paper work i don’t know much about it . . but you will definitly need to get references and experiences, (so in other words a CV)

    So basially you will have a CV and a porfolio of photos!

    Hope this helped and i wish you luck in your future career

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