Q&A: Where is the best modeling agency in Texas?

Question by Ann: Where is the best modeling agency in Texas?
I want to model but i dont know where to go without being scamed.

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Answer by KG
Before you start to look for a modeling agency, learn about the industry & what it means to be a model: Best “education” on how to get into modeling & the modeling world: www.newmodels.com or www.exploremodeling.com. Both sites explain how the modeling world REALLY works and how to get into modeling. Educate yourself so you don’t get scammed.

FYI – you don’t need a portfolio in order to send photos to an agency. Any agency who wants you will know exactly what kinds of photos they want in order to promote you. Do NOT listen to anyone who says you need a portfolio in order to get started! I had nothing when my agency accepted me. When they signed me, they told me what types of photos they needed (“Commercial/lifestyle”), gave me a list of photographers in the area who did that type of photography, and I had to get photos taken for my comp card (model’s business card which has photos on it). I didn’t have to use any of the photographers on the list, I was free to go to any photographer I wanted as long as they knew how to do commercial photography. If an “agency” sends you to use their in-house photographer & don’t give you the option to shop around for a different photographer, then it is a scam.

And keep in mind that if you are under 18, you will need parental consent before any agency will sign you. So get your parents involved in your decision and have them look at those sites above too so they know what you are doing is legit.

And lastly, modeling is a lot of hard work & you can’t always do what you want. As a model, I have to make sure I get a lot of sleep, eat the right nutritious foods, and take good care of myself. Sometimes I can’t go out with my friends because I have rehearsals for a show or fittings. You sometimes have to wait around for hours for a rehearsal or maybe at a photoshoot and you have to be very patient. Some models take their homework with them to shoots or rehearsals because they have no other time to do it. Modeling isn’t all about lying around looking beautiful. The glamorous photos don’t show how much work this really is. I don’t say this to turn you off, I say it because people are often surprised about how much work a photoshoot is. Holding poses is tough and it sometimes reminds me of yoga because some of the poses aren’t very comfortable at all but you have to try to stay relaxed and *look” comfortable. It’s hard. Having said that, if you truly love to model, you won’t mind the work involved. Best of luck!!! 🙂

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One thought on “Q&A: Where is the best modeling agency in Texas?”

  1. im not sure what the previous answer is referring to when she says “rehearsals”- if she means for runway, her agency would not have asked her for commercial/lifestyle shots. first off, modeling agencies require you be of a certain height and weight to even show up to open calls or submit photos through the mail (which are the only ways to submit); you must be at least 5’8″ if you are age 13 or older and you have to be a size 2 or 4. agencies are brutally competitive, and if you show up to an open call and are too short, too curvy, have not-so-perfect skin, etc, they tell you so- in front of everyone else in the open call (hundreds of gorgeous girls show up to these things). wanting to model isnt the issue- most models i know (and i myself) are not passionate about modeling, but our agencies and the clients who hire us dont care- they care that we are size 2, 5’10” and have a face that is symmetrical and stands out in a sea of beautiful girls. traditionally beautiful doesnt work in fashion. basically, if youre not tall, very thin and have a symmetrical face with excellent skin, hair and teeth, its not going to happen. agencies receive thousands of submissions per week, and only pick3-5 new girls twice a YEAR. there are thousands of girls who want to model so badly because they think they will be told theyre beautiful constantly, get to do exciting photo shoots and be seen as these gorgeous creatures, but in reality, modeling is incredibly boring, you are insulted on a daily basis no matter what you look like, and noone is going to butter you up- you are treated like crap. i personally have built a pretty decent career modeling, but i never even liked it; agencies only care about looks, not personality or passion. so, if you have read all this and STILL want to try to model, and fit the height/size requirement (and have very long legs and the right measurements), you can only submit to agencies in YOUR area- you cant just send photos to every agency in texas- you have to live near the agency. also, texas is not a state where there are a lot of modeling opportunities, so none of the good agencies have offices there. the agencies you may find will be smaller and more commercial- high fashion is only in big cities: chicago, miami, la and nyc. when i say “high fashion”, dont think that i mean runway- thats a myth. ALL models who model clothing or beauty are fashion models. simply google “modeling agencies, ___, texas” and google each one that comes up with the word “scam”. if anything pops up with a complaint, stay away. when a legit one pops up, look on their website to find out how to submit your portfolio or snapshots- they only take professional modeling work photos or very plain snapshots that follow their directions to the t- every other pic gets scrapped and they dont consider your submission. you also need to include your height/measurements (bust-waist-hips)/dress size and shoes size. some also require inseam (which really needs to be 34″ or longer). the other option is to attend their open calls, which are also listed on their website. its easy to find out.

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