Q&A: wich school is best to go to for FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY?

Question by Margiee: wich school is best to go to for FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY?
like is NYU best for fashion phatography!?! help please

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Answer by fhotoace
Actually “fashion photography” is one of the directions you can go once you learn photography. Learning how to control your camera under any conditions, lighting and either film or digital media must be mastered before you then learn the specifics of any photo field (Fashion, scientific, editorial, medical, portraiture, photojournalism, forensic, etc).

The key to being a “fashion” photographer has a lot to do with lighting, lens selection and most importantly, good people skills when directing your models.

That said, depending on now dedicated you are to first learn the important basics of being a competent photographer, you may want to look at RIT (Rochester, New York), Art Center (Pasadena, California) or Brooks (Santa Barbarba/Ventura, California)


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