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i feel DEPRESSED…..need advice?

Question by Vina: i feel DEPRESSED…..need advice?
IM a girl 17 years old..
i feel depressed when im alone……….
my family(aunty,uncle, couusin, niece) came to visit me ,my family live in other city so they have to take airplane to visit me…………
n when they come,i feel so happy…………..n when they go back to their home town feel so lonely n wanna cry,,,,,,,,
honestly im not a brave person,,easily get hurt,,,n easy to cry………
even my parents here with me,,i still feel so lonely….n my sis studyng abroad…….
what should i do??
n i dont have any bestfriends here……..

ps: sorry for poor english……….

Best answer:

Answer by talula
God loves you sweety. seek him and pray to him.
i felt that way too when i was younger but i have slowly have developed a relationship with God
and i have so much JOY now 🙂
also when i was really depressed i would watch a lot of cute cartoons
good cartoons with good messages i would also play a relaxing cd (like meditating music) while i was trying to go to bed.
don’t be depressed hun 🙂

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Any advice on how to get into the photography buisness?

Question by rawrr2992: Any advice on how to get into the photography buisness?
I have enjoyed photography as a hobby for a long time now, and i would love to make it as a career. Weddings, family shoots, newspapers, or even selling some of my own work. At the moment i’m studying for my AS Levels, and i’m unsure whether i will go to university. My parents have told me to study something else, which is going to guarantee me a job. But i honestly don’t know what else to do. Photography is my passion, and it’s the only thing i’m good at. So if i’m going to try and get into it, i need a realistic plan.

So, any advice for after my A Levels? I’m studying Fine Art, English and Sociology. I’m expected to get an A for art, B for sociology, and B/C for English.

Best answer:

Answer by Rickyfresh
I am trying to get into something similar, i want to make videos of peoples special occasions, i have already done this for free for friends and now wanna make money from it.

I heard there is something called wedding fairs where people go to push their services, i am going to try that, take a few examples of my work to show folk.

I think that could be a good start for you but you will need to do some free work first to get a portfolio together,

Once your doing that i guess its a case of branching out and getting a good name for yourself.

You could also try your local free paper, it will be unpaid work but i know people who write for the local paper for free so again its a good starting point.

Also check this out

Good luck


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Wedding Photographer Bristol: – Some Advice Regarding Wedding Photography Gears

If you are new to the wedding photography business, then there are so many things which you have to know and consider. The most important thing is the creativity, which comes from inside, but the other major things are the perfect gears to make your creativity even more perfect. So, here I would like to suggest you some of the major gears, which helps you in enhancing your creativity.

• Camera(s): 

You must carry two cameras one as primary and the other one is for the backup purpose.

• Lenses: 

A wide angle or short lens of 14-28mm or maybe an 18-50mm for the group photographs or some other creative shots. 

A telephoto(s) lens of around a 28-70mm or even a 70-200mm is another good investment for candid or and close-up shots.

When you are carrying two cameras together, then use wide angle lens for the group photographs on one and the telephoto lens on other for the candid photography.

• Lights: 

A powerful flash with a power-pack is the best one to carry with. This will make you to concentrate more on the shots rather than on the flash settings. This power-pack also give some relieve from the continuous charging of batteries. If not having enough budgets to carry power-pack, then at least use the chargeable batteries for the camera and for the flash too.

A light kit with at least two lights and stands two umbrellas or soft boxes. It is always best to photograph the groups with a professional lighting system.

• Memory Cards or Film: 

Instead of facing problem regarding shortage of memory cards or films, you must carry several memory cards or photo films with you. Several photographers use to carry several films together.

• Other Important Gear 

Camera or “AA” battery chargers 

Pocket Wizard to synch the lights 

Light Meter 

Extension cords and power strips 

Lens cleaning kit 



Breath mints 

Optional: laptop, portable burner, iPad or similar device

• Important person: 

Having a second shooter that you work well with and trust is exceptionally important. They support in capturing cutaway shots, candid moments, or shots you may have missed, and they help keep everything flowing efficiently. It’s always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes.

Being a Wedding Photographer Bristol is not an easy thing. You have to carry all your stuff and gears together with you and sometimes you have to wear some of those gears while shooting a important session.



The author has been writing articles from last three years on various topics. With this article, he wants to share information about the Wedding Photographer Bristol 




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