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Can digital SLR take astronomy photo?

Question by sel_bos: Can digital SLR take astronomy photo?
Are the exposure time same as film SLR?

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Answer by Dr. Sam
Sure. Just set the ISO to a familiar speed. Most default to ISO 200 (some have ISO 100), but may adjust to a higher ISO if you leave it on auto. It sounds like you know what you are doing though, so just check the ISO and go from there.

Orion Telescopes have a great site. Check out http://www.telescope.com/jump.jsp?itemType=CATEGORY&itemID=29 for photo accessories to go with telescopes. You will find a couple of “universal adapters” of interest.

There is also a book about astrophotography that might be a good idea for you.

Also, from any page, click on the link for “Learning Center” near the top of the page. Enter “photography” in the search box and you’ll find 22 articles that will help you.

Sky & Telescope Magazine also has a section on astrophotography available on-line at: http://skytonight.com/howto/astrophotography

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artificial light-learn photography

When we need extra light, there are many ways that we can add the light. Here are some ideas of the types of light that you can add.

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Art Insititutes getting sued for 11 BILLION dollars photo degree..how do you feel if you attend/attended Ai ?

Question by Adrianadesiree: Art Insititutes getting sued for 11 BILLION dollars photo degree..how do you feel if you attend/attended Ai ?

Ai is getting sued 11 billion for its photo program and pretty much mal-practice. If you attended a Ai for photography during 2003-now how do you feel about this.

I attended and I personally don’t like this. This school was a waste of money and yes I did feel conned into coming here, everyone who I talked to teacher wise told me good things about this place and it wasnt up to par. Thankfully I dropped out and will be going to a community college instead

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Answer by HeXt

You’re not alone. Join up. There’s a support group.

I attended in 2006 and got ripped off by them first hand. 🙁

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How to Sell your Digital Photography at Stock Photo Sites

Many of your hobbies can be turned into business ideas that can make you money. As a digital photographer you can sell those beautiful photographs online. Here are some ways to do that.

Digital photography allows you to capture a variety of images in a variety of formats. For instance, remember when you used to visit the carnival or amusement park and they took those old-fashioned pictures of people? The pictures looked faded but that was simply a sepia tone. You can create the same effect on your digital camera when you edit a photo.

Stock photography is one of the best ways to break into the online digital photography market. You can sell your photos to others who need pictures for websites, newsletters, magazines and e-zines and other media. Surf the Web lately? Many of the photos look the same. Your photos can add a new flavor to what is currently being offered.

There is never any harm in seeing how your images will be perceived.

First, understand how the stock photography business works. On these sites, customers can purchase pictures or lease them for a certain amount of time. On some sites, photos are free to use when signing an agreement of use and including a link back to the site.

As a photographer, you will make more money if your photos are leased as opposed to being sold. The one time sale may net you some cash but the lease will provide a continuous source of income off of that one photograph. And, many people can pay to lease the photograph at one time. Through the leasing process, your work will be viewed by a large audience.

Start by researching current stock photography sites. Find one that offers the leasing option to customers and also has an easy-to-navigate site. Begin here and test the waters with your work.

Now, all you need to do is produce some quality work. Look at other stock photographs. What do they have in common? Are the pictures clear? Can you make out all of the features of the photo? At the least, your photographs need to be clear with the subjects in the foreground.

Another consideration is the type of digital photos you are trying to sell. More of the same that already exists won’t be received well. The stock photography companies are out to make money too. Don’t be afraid to try some new ideas for holiday photos or for everyday photos. They will let you know what does and does not sell.

In the meantime, create a website or blog with links to the stock photography sites featuring your work. This will send more people to view your photographs and may lead to other opportunities in the future.

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Online Digital Photo Printing, Its The Best Technology

The ability to capture those precious moments on camera is undoubtedly important. Most of us are unwilling to give up on the satisfaction of photo prints, which is why online digital photography is so great.

Its a new age method of printing photos. It can be defined as the development of digital photos into prints via the internet. Online digital photo printing offers quick, cost effective and high quality printing solutions. This method is useful for traditional APS film as well as digital cameras, whether its 35mm and APS films. With the help of online photo printing services this process is made easier while still not emptying your pockets. Ordering digital photo prints online is very easy, upload your photos and we will send them straight back to you within a few days. We print your digital photos onto Kodak Royal Digital photographic paper and send them straight back to you by post. It really is a very simple process and non-time consuming. One more thing is that they can also customize your pictures turning them into ideal photo-gifts.

There are several online digital photo printing services that offer quick turnaround times without charging extra for shopping and processing. Because users dont want to wait too much time to see the final outcome. Online digital printing has many user beneficial options and one of them is personalization. The various pictures developed may be customized onto suitable templates like mugs, t-shirts, mouse mats, posters and jigsaw puzzles. This option provides the user with an opportunity to incorporate their creative ideas and captions in order to enhance the look of the picture. Personalized pictures are excellent gift ideas as well.

Nowadays, online digital photo printing is becoming more and more popular. The growth in technology and the wide use of the Internet have made many improvements in printing techniques. There are a number of online print services. You may be a photographer by choice, someone who loves to capture enduring moments in picture or a methodical professional. Whatever be the reason to click, make sure to research online photo printing options, to get outstanding results for the priceless moments you capture.

For more info: Online Digital Photo Printing

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