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Help? Was this rape? I’m scared!?

Question by Allesusaamen: Help? Was this rape? I’m scared!?
I’m a 17 year old boy. Today I went to a party and this really pretty girl I know came along. I was talking to a friend my age who happens to be gay and he asked me if I likes that girl, and I was honest and said yes. And then he said, I know what you could do to get her to have sex with you. Absolutely eager to know, I said “please tell me”. And he said “go to the cemetery tonight, disguise yourself as god, and tell her she must have sex with you or shell go to he’ll”. So about an hour ago, I did exactly what my friend told me, went up to the girl, and said “I am god(disguised as god) and you must have sex with me or you’ll go to he’ll when you die”. So she believed me and she said “okay but do it in my butt because I want to be a virgin to the man I Mary. So we got it on, and at the end of the sex session, I pulled off my mask and said “haha Im just the guy whose party you came to” and then she whips her mask off and goes “haha I’m just the gay guy from your photography class”. I’m scared. Does this mean I was raped? Please help. Thank you all!

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