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Html Css Javascript issue need a little help z-index not working?

Question by Wesley: Html Css Javascript issue need a little help z-index not working?
Ok so Im trying to make this site and im including a background image which is “back.jpg”
and have a pattern on top with a different opacity “img4″…But the main background image is blocking everything from coming through. Even my heading and what not.. I have tryed a place a z-index a few different place but no help.. Can someone talk a look at my work and troubleshoot me

Html –Just showing top portion because rest is not important and goes on for long time

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Comments on story I’m working on?

Question by Monica: Comments on story I’m working on?
Savannah spent a lot of time in class doing her work. She never realized how fun doing homework was until now.
“Hi, Savannah!” Rick said eagerly, waving at her.
“Hey, Rick.” she said, sounding extremely exasperated. She was tired of his constant greetings whenever he saw her. In fact, he had seemed to be everywhere she was. She thought he was nice, but he was starting to really get on her nerves. Her next class was Mrs. Stewart’s Media Arts class.

She put her camera case over her neck and looked into the flower shaped mirror on her locker door. She applied on mascara and dabbed strawberry lipstick on her lips. She smacked her lips before grinning widely into the mirror. Through the reflection, she saw Carter coming up behind her.

Her heart started racing. She had never had that feeling when Scott Phillips, her ex-crush, was around. Carter’s presence always made her feel warm. But after what happened in the cafeteria, she hardly wanted to face him. It was so embarrassing knocking into those people. Everyone had lost their lunch and it was all her fault. Fortunately no one knew it was her who had started the collision.

Carter stood there for a second before wrapping her hands on her waist and picking her up. That caught her by surprised.
Is he flirting with me? She thought.
“What was that all about.” she laughed, as he was putting her down.
“Just having fun.” he said, grinning broadly. “You have photography, right?”
“Mmhmm.” she said, touching her hair.
“Well, you know the drill,” he said, “I’m going to walk you to class.”

Several people turned around to look at them. Savannah was starting to get annoyed by that either. A boy in her gym class had asked her if she liked Carter because everyone said she did. It was weird how everyone knew who she liked. She guess she had to thank Holly for that. She had promised not to tell anyone, but she ended up telling her friend Damien, then Dominique, then Maris, and several other people. She was slowly realizing that Holly wasn’t necessarily a reliable person if you wanted her to keep a secret.

“How many pictures have you taken?” Carter asked.
“About twenty.” she said. “It’s weird, I know, but it was fun. I have a collages of my photos in my bedroom.”
“I like taking pictures too.” Carter said. “That’s something we have in common. Except reading.”
“Hey,” Savannah said. “Reading’s fun.”
“For nerds like you.” he joked, touching her cheek with his fist.
Her cheek felt smooth and soft. Carter smiled and touched it once more.
“I’ve been getting so many stares.” Savannah confided. “It’s really annoying.”
“You’re new.” Carter said. “Of course they’ll stare.”
“Hello?” she said. “We’re freshmen. There’s plenty of new students to the Paramount district.”
“But the only difference is that people know you.”
“Sometimes I want to go back and be a loner.” she said. “But not really.”
They both laughed.

“People used to make fun of me because I had a high voice.” Carter informed. “It was from K to sixth grade.”
“I’m sorry.” she said guilelessly.
“It’s alright.” he said, giving her a sly smile. “Everyone that made fun of me likes me now.”
“I bet.”
Savannah couldn’t imagine Carter being picked on. He was attractive, funny, and pleasant to be around with. Hearing Carter talk about his elementary school experiences proved her that everyone got bullied sometime in their life.

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Answer by TennisLuva<3
It’s really good, but you should get someone to edit it. Also, the transition between one paragraph and the other should be effortless, not choppy. But otherwise, good job 🙂

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