traveling to germany?

Question by louisa my: traveling to germany?
I am traveling to Germany after I graduate from high school this coming year. I will be 18. What do I need to go over there? i plan to be there around a year, and I would like to work there. How do I get a passport, do I need a visa to go there?
What else do I need to do?

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Yes , get a passport from your country, check your government pages in your local phone book for the nearest passport office, or from your Federal government’s website. In some places, the Post Office has Passport Application Forms, and you can visit a professional photography / photo-developing store that provides official professional passport pictures according to the passport office’s strict requirements and standards.

It could be helpful to get an “International Student I.D. Card”
to get better prices in some places.

Also contact the Jugendherberge system, the IYH International Youth Hostel system and get a “passport” from them too, its super to be able to stay at Youth Hostels, Jugendherberge there. Youth Hostels in Germany especially are something wonderful, its where it was invented and taken seriously. There are so many of them there, in virtually every town. You have a place to stay overnight for peanuts and save bundles of money compared to hotels, so you can afford to travel a lot more. You can also get to meet so many other young travellers, exchange stories, advice, questions, make new friends if you want or go separate ways, no problem. Its so inexpensive, and you get a healthy bit of breakfast to get you started too, included!.

And get a Eurail Youth Pass, or a DB rail pass, and be able to travel anywhere anytime. The Eurail Youth Pass and train travel ( THE way to travel in Germany ) is on 2nd Class train cars, but don’t get turned off by the words “2nd Class” Its like 95% of the train cars, what most people use, and usually more sociable people, instead of picky snobby people in the lonely 1st class cars you’d want to avoid.

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