unsure what to do please help me out?

Question by June and August: unsure what to do please help me out?
I am putting this in the parents sections because i am going to be a parent and am hoping for someone who has ben on the same situation. if not, still please. advice would be great I want a parents point of view i am 21 yrs old btw

I am 32 weeks pregnant, and am about to start college in the fall. i will be going to a community college. I am having trouble figuring out everything except what i want to major in. I will not be able to go to a university. SO community college is the my only stop.
I feel so much pressure on what to choose, MY husband wants me to be a nurse. For the money they make. But the course is selective, very competitive. majority of people don’ t make it.

i know that my life isn’t about me anymore. i have to think about my family now so between doing what i want and what would make the most money and support us. I am unsure what i want to do. I enjoy so much in life. I LOVE photography and animals. lol. also history. I love history. but according to my husband, who has been very opinionated on my career. they make no money and he wants me to make more than him. I have always wanted to go into the medical field though. since i was 15 years old i wanted to be on the medical field. I am just worried on what to do.
IF anyone has ever been through this or ny SERIOUS advice. please share. What should i do? Go for it and try out for the Nursing program and take a chance or try and go do something else that i am sure i can get into that’s not selective? or am i just over thinking all this?

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Answer by tmp_18
Nurses are ALWAYS needed!
I have several friends who are nurses and they all said that it is easier than you think. If you are truly interested in nursing, go for it!! They do make good money and it is a stable job. Even in a recession, that is one of the jobs that is still needed.
You will never know unless you try. Don’t do it for your husband though. If your heart isn’t in it and you don’t really want it, you won’t make it or you will resent it later on.
Photography is a hard area to get into… I know, I am trying! Unless you have a ton of experience and such, you won’t make good money from it.

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One thought on “unsure what to do please help me out?”

  1. The good news is you can try both. You can spend your first semester, maybe even the second taking your “core classes”, which you will need no matter what you major in. These are the 101’s, Bio 101, English 101 etc. Work with one of the advisers at your school to determine what these classes are, and begin knocking them out. While you’re doing this you can explore other options, such as photography, and see where your talents are best suited.

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