what do you think of Pentax k200d’s?

Question by soot&poo: what do you think of Pentax k200d’s?
i’m getting one this summer but want to know more about people’s opinions on them.

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Answer by fhotoace
I like the Pentax K10D or K20D better.

Look here to see why


Both the K10D and K20D use a Li-ion battery, the state of the art rechargeable battery used in digital cameras. They are far superior to any other battery used in digital cameras.

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2 thoughts on “what do you think of Pentax k200d’s?”

  1. The Pentax is a very good camera, but the JPEG output is not good as the entry-level cameras of other brands like Nikon and Canon.

    If you want to use the automatic settings most of the time, and want to use only the JPEG output, I would recommend a Canon XSi or a Nikon D60 instead of this Pentax.

    But if you don’t worry about post-processing the RAW file, you may get this camera. A excelent software package is bundled with it. Also the continuous shooting mode is very limited (up to 4 photos at 2.8 fps),

    The RAW post-processed output is better than the Olympus E-520, is very similar to the Nikon D60 RAW output and almost matchs the Canon XSi RAW output.

    The autofocus system seems to be better than the other entry-level cameras, the sensor implements optical image stabilization, the body is weather sealed (found only at semi-pro cameras of Canon and Nikon) and the built-in flash can work as a wireless flash controller.

  2. Pentax K200D is a great camera for both new and seasoned photographers

    I am an amateur photographer who’s always used point-and-shoot cameras. Finally, I got up the nerve (and cash) to get myself a DSLR.

    I started doing lots of reading and reviewing the various reviews/features of different cameras, eventually settling on the Pentax K200D.

    I have never owned anything made by Pentax/Canon/Nikon/Olympus/Sony before, so I didn’t have any sort of brand loyalty ties. I took long, hard looks at the features and performance and went from there.

    There are several reasons why I chose the Pentax K200D over similar models from other manufacturers:

    1) Weather sealing — Pentax claims their camera is the only environmentally sealed camera in its class (“starting DSLR”). Nice to know it’s there, even if I don’t plan on intentionally testing it out!

    2) Saving High quality JPEG and RAW at the same time (RAW+). Some of the other models I was considering didn’t allow RAW + High JPEG, only medium JPEG.

    3) Very high build quality. This thing feels like it’s built like a tank. After reading literally hundreds of user reviews from Canon owners, Nikon, etc. the general consensus was their bodies (and cheap lenses) felt a little flimsy. I must admit, I went to the stores and tried out their cameras (the entry DSLR) and I felt the same way.
    Popular Photography’s preview of the K200D said it best: “Mate a tank with a SLR body…” or something to that effect.

    4) AA batteries. I know some people consider this a downside, but decent 2500mha AAs are extremely cheap and work great. If I ever run out of juice, I know I can hit up practically any store for a recharge.

    5) You can mount any lens Pentax has ever made on this camera. Of course, you may not get all the features, but the consistency of the lens mounting was a plus for me.

    6) In-body stabilization – A real biggy for me, as this translates to any lens you buy for the system! It has already saved several of my shots.

    7) It’s an APS-C sensor — this discounted the Olympus line immediately.

    Overall an excellent upgrade from the K100D, and a bargain compared to the K10D from which it gets its CCD. I highly recommend it for prosumers and entry-level professional photographers.

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