What is a good name for a photography business?

Question by Chelsea: What is a good name for a photography business?
My friend and I have been starting to take pictures, we have a nice camera and have done each others and my sisters, and have both had requests from others to take theirs. Problem is, we cant come up with a name to seal our photos with, that’s where we need your help! Our names are Brittany & Chelsea. We are 16 year old girls from wisconsin…please help!

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Answer by beanie
1. Get one with a domain that is available.
2. Don’t get a name that says “I’m cheap” like “Little ladies photo studio” or “Ladybug kisses pictures” or “Say cheese Photography”. Those names sound cheap. Aim to give the best quality images that you can give.
3. You want to have an average sale of $ 200 per session starting out, and double that in two years.
4. Study business and sales as much as you studio composition, exposure, posing, lighting, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
5. Don’t do it as a partnership. Then again, do it and learn the hard way. You are young.
6. Define the business, and who does what, and for how much.
7. Decide what happens to the business when one or both of you have had enough and wants out.
8. Get a license or whatever your city and state require of you. States are hurthing, and enforcement is up for businesses that don’t collect/pay taxes. More and more people are getting caught and have to pay penalties and interest for not regestering their business. “I’m a kid” isn’t an excuse.

Reality check!!!!!
You have about as much chance of becoming a full-time photographer as you do becoming an actor or model (who can make a decent living at it). Both sound like a amazing job, and they can be, but you have to be given the genes, and have a very hard work ethic.

Seriously, the field is saturated with very good photographers. And if you ever want to have a family… kinda hard.

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