What is this photoshop effect called?

Question by Charles Kim: What is this photoshop effect called?
I was wondering what the effect was called where there’s like a camera on a tripod, and it’s taking multiple shots where you put the shots together into one picture? It’s used a lot in skating magazines and stuff, it looks like this. http://snapsort.com/learn/images/Canon-350d-action-sequence-skateboarding-180.jpg

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Answer by Nahum
“action sequence” get a lot of search hits, though limiting it with “photography” and/or “time lapse” should give you better results.

It basically involves masking/erasing backgrounds of each picture while keeping the best-looking one.

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One thought on “What is this photoshop effect called?”

  1. This is easier than it looks. This is done with the camera on a tripod and shooting in the continuous mode.
    So when you are done you may have let’s say 20 shots. Because the camera is on a tripod all the background shots are the same.
    You can simply erase the shots you do not want to use, and since they are all separate images, again with the same background.
    In an advanced mode you may want to select the images to move them from where they were on the background.
    I’ve only heard it called a Multiple Motion Effect.

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