What to do after high school?

Question by : What to do after high school?
Ok. So I am a sophomore this year. All of my friends no what they want to do after high school. I don’t. All my friends are great in school. I am not. I try and I try and try. The class I am really super bad in is Algebra 2. And I am in the “smarter class” which I don’t no why, because I barley passed Algebra 1 last year. When I ask the teacher for help, or even if I don’t an he just comes up to help me, I start to panic. I almost feel like I am having a panic attack. I start shaking and get really sweaty and very very nervous. Because I literally have no clue about anything in Algebra except Crammers Rule. That is the only thing I no. Anyways, when a teacher helps me and I don’t no the simplest things, then the teacher yells at me and says ” katie you should no this by now!! ” And then I am about ready to start crying. I would ask my parents for help but they never took any Algebra in high school or college because it wasn’t required. And there are no tutors in my area. So if you have any advice or tips about that, that would be awesome.

Secondly, I really don’t no what I want to do after high school. I have been to career fairs and stuff but nothing has caught my eye. I really, really enjoy photography, but that doesn’t pay very well in Minnesota. I was also thinking cosmetology, but I feel like I could do something better. My mom is a Para in the Special Education room, she basically does all the teaching because the actual teacher just sits on her butt all day ha ha. Anyways when I go in there to talk to my mom I really enjoy being with her students. One of them whose name is Kady, she has this syndrome where she can’t talk, can’t go to the bathroom and has like disformaties (spelling) on her face. She is 6 years old. I love her so much! She is adorable! Also there is this cute 6 year old who has down syndrome. She is adorable!!!!!! My mom is getting a new student who was born perfectly fine until he was about 4 months and had a stroke. He is paralyzed. He can move his arms, hands and like his neck. He can’t talk at all. And his food has to be blended and he has to wear diapers like Kady. He is in 1st grade.

My mom comes home stressed every day because all of these students need a one on one para. and there are only 4 paras right now. Plus they have to be with older special ed kids. But anyways I was thinking that maybe I could become a special education teacher. Would I be able to do that even though I am not that great in math? What other jobs do you think would be good for me? I want to make a difference, but nothing in the medical field.

Ideas, tips and advice would be amazing! thanks! and please no rude comments!!

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Answer by Robert D
My mother is also a Para pro in the special education field. I am pursuing a career in criminal justice, but after retirement, i will be pursuing a teaching position in a criminal justice college. If “teaching” might be something you like, i say go for it. You can teach elementary school and not know “everything” about math. I absolutely hate math with a passion, but for a criminal justice major, no math is required. thank god ! Good Luck !

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One thought on “What to do after high school?”

  1. Wow!You sort of remind me of myself when I was in HS. I was horrible with Algebra or any type of math for that matter. There were times when I asked myself if I actually knew any math at all. However, I must have known some Math because other wise I wouldn’t have passed my exit level Math TAKS test. I remember I studied for that long and hard which definately paid of.
    And like you when many of my friends were talking about what they were going to do after High School. I had no clue. I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted to go to college after HS. I suppose I wanted a break. But my parents rushed me into at least to try to go to a Community College. And so I did. What happened? I was unhappy because I didn’t like it. I ended telling them I needed time to think so I dropped out. Hardest decision I ever did make. I also ended up owing the school $ 472. Which I had to work to pay back. From my experience I would say if your not sure about college, take the year off and think. You will miss school, you will want go back. At least that’s the way I felt. So I worked saved up some money and now I’m back in the Community College. I still believe College isn’t for me at least not now but I figured 1 year of college wouldn’t kill me. Since I plan on joining the Marine Corps. Yes, military is something to consider but its not for everyone.
    There are many things you can major in that don’t involve a lot of math. If you like English I would say Major in English. Or you could always go for Journalism. There’s one that I find fascinating its ASL, American Sign Language. Basically you learn sign language and you are trained as an interpreter. Now, not many Colleges offer this that I know of, so you have to look into that.
    Sorry for writing too much. Hope this helps though.
    Hang in there, High School is something you will surely miss. At least you have 2 more years to go. 🙂
    PS: I never liked to ask for help in Math either. I pushed myself into learning everything on my own. I learned by reading everything step by step. Then again that’s just me, all of us learn differently.

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