which camera is better? (specs about lens given in detail)?

Question by steven: which camera is better? (specs about lens given in detail)?
camera 1:
Lens Samsung 5x Zoom Lens f = 4.7 ~ 23.5 mm (35 mm film equivalent: 26 ~ 130 mm) F3.3 (Wide) ~ F5.9 (Tele) 5x Optical Zoom Lens Still Image Mode: 1 – 5x, Play Mode: 1 – 14.4x (Depends on Image Size)

Samsung 5X Zoom Lens f = 4.5 – 22.5mm (35mm film equivalent: 25 – 125mm) F2.5 (W) – F6.3 (T) 5X optical zoom ratio • Still Image mode: 1.0X ~ 5.0X (Optical x Digital: 25.0X) • Play mode: 1.0X ~ 14.4X (depends on image size)

so of course, the camera 1 is better but how great is the difference between them? i only take landscape photography.to what extent will this difference affect my photography?

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Answer by Sagar
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4 thoughts on “which camera is better? (specs about lens given in detail)?”

  1. First of all, digital zoom is completely irrelevant. Optical zoom is the only one that matters. Digital zoom is exactly the same as cropping the picture on your PC afterwards. It is not proper zoom and it reduces the resolution. It makes the numbers look good, but it is totally misleading.

    Why do you say “of course” camera 1 is better? The second camera has a slightly wider zoom with a slightly better (wider) aperture at the wide end of the zoom. The widest aperture is not as good on the tele end. There’s not very much in it either way. An extra 1mm on the wide end makes much more difference to wide shots than an extra 5mm on the tele end makes to tele shots, but I don’t really see any great difference given the limited information you have given us.

    You haven’t told us anything else about the cameras – resolution, sensor size, price, etc.
    Given the focal lengths, in all probability they are both cheap compacts with small sensors, giving at best mediocre quality and performance. I doubt the extra is worth paying.

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