will i make it into any of these colleges/universities?

Question by Cj Dippa: will i make it into any of these colleges/universities?
Hi im a sophomore right now and Im really bothered whether or not I have a chance into getting into any of these 3:

-University of Florida
-University of Miami

Here is my freshman schedule:
Creative Photography – A’s
Earth Space Science Honors – A/B
Geometry Honors – A/B
AICE General Paper – A/B (I got a ‘C’ (British Scale)on the the Aice Exam )
Spanish 2 – B
Aice Thinking Skills – A/B (I got an ‘E’ (British Scale) on the Aice Exam- ‘E’ is considered passing)
PE – A

My GPA was around 3.6-3.8
My HPA was around 4.1-4.3
I am ranked 168/721

Sophomore Year (as of now):
Spanish 3- A/B
Aice Marine – B
Bio Honors – A
Aice Photography – A/B
Aice International History – A/B
Algebra II honors – A/B
Aice English Language – A

GPA- around 3.5.-3.7
HPA- around 4.2-4.3
Rankings are not released yet

AICE is this program from Cambridge University that is very similar to AP and IB, except AICE is based off of writing essays opposed to test.

I’m planning on taking more AP classes once I get my AICE diploma.

I’m volunteering in the hospital and I am around the 120 hour mark. I’m planning to continue.

I’m only in the book club and I really do not take it seriously as there’s only like 10 people (or less) and people only go for the food. I was highly interested in joining the Wrestling team, but my parents didn’t like me doing school sports, so they enrolled me into Karate.

My ancestry are from the Philippines. (People say if your in the ‘minorities’ you get a better shot but IDK)

I’m focusing on majoring in Pharmacy/Medicine/Doctor.

Do I have a shot at those 3 Universities? If not, what should I do as they are my main goals. Or is there another college/university that suites me better. Thanks

BONUS QUESTION: I’m planning on taking dual enrollment, but I have NO idea what to take. Based off my majors or what I need to take, what classes should I take?

BONUS QUESTION #2: In junior year, I’m planning on taking 6 rigorous classes (AP/Honors) and taking a PE class just for my personal need. Is that okay? Will colleges/universities look at that and say “Why is this child taking a PE class when he could be taking another AP class?” I do know that PE classes will lower my GPA, so I’ll make it up with my other 6 classes.
what’s wrong with dual enrollment?

Best answer:

Answer by Cronus
yes you qill
BQ:don’t do dual enrollment
BQ2:don’t take 6 AP classes it will blow up in your face

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One thought on “will i make it into any of these colleges/universities?”

  1. Nothing is wrong with dual enrollment in my opinion..

    You will easily get into FAU as it is the easiest to get into out of the schools you listed.

    6 APs is a LOT. I took 3 APs my senior year and one PE class each semester. I also only took 3 my junior year. (I go to the University of Miami by the way)

    Volunteer work is very good and being in any club regardless of your commitment to it is good. If you hold a position in it it is even better.

    GPA and SAT/ACT scores are the most important in my opinion though. At the University of Miami, there were students who got in with a 3.4ish GPA but a 32 on the ACT or 2000+ on the SAT. I got a 4.0 GPA and a 28 SAT though and received a good scholarship.

    Miami is the hardest school to get into out of the three you listed and is the highest ranked academically, so you could probably do worse to get into those schools.

    For you I would guess with a 3.5 GPA, you would need a 30 on the ACT or 1950 – 2050 on the SAT.

    Just for your information, at my high school an A in an AP class was a 5.0 for our school (is that similar to what your 4.2 – 4.3 HPA is?) but they wouldn’t let me enter that grade at all. (I had a 4.3 weighted GPA). So just be aware that unless they change it, you will only be able to enter your GPA for the University of Miami.

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